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Mexico Among Top 10 Global Leaders in FDI Attraction

Mexico ascends to a top position in the global investment scene, ranking 9th worldwide in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2023. With a significant $36 billion USD in inflows, Mexico surpasses traditional economic powerhouses and emerges as a leading destination for international investors.


Mexico Among Top 10 Global Leaders in FDI Attraction


In 2023, Mexico made a significant leap in the global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) landscape, securing the 9th spot worldwide with an impressive $36 billion USD in inflows, as reported by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). This remarkable achievement not only matches the 2022 figure but also propels Mexico ahead of countries like Spain, Austria, India, and Sweden by three positions, marking its highest historical ranking in FDI.


The surge in Mexico’s FDI can be attributed to the growing regionalization and nearshoring trends, which have strategically positioned North America as a prime destination for investment. These trends have driven multinational companies to relocate manufacturing projects closer to home markets, particularly in critical sectors, enhancing North America’s allure for FDI. 


Globally, FDI flows totaled $1.33 trillion USD in 2023, reflecting a 2% decline from 2022 due to economic fluctuations in Europe. Excluding Europe, global FDI inflows saw a more significant decrease of over 10%. Despite this, regions such as Central America, North Africa, and West and Central Asia have experienced notable increases in investment. 


Mexico’s Northeast region, particularly Monterrey, has become a hotspot for FDI, benefiting immensely from nearshoring initiatives. The region’s strategic geographical location, robust infrastructure, and competitive advantages, such as lower operational costs and higher profit margins, have made it an attractive investment destination. In 2023, Monterrey ranked as the 3rd highest region in Mexico for FDI, attracting $2.5 billion USD, which accounts for 7% of the nation’s total FDI. 


With an increasing number of global companies choosing to invest in Mexico, particularly in its northern regions, the country continues to strengthen its position as a key player in the global investment arena. The favorable business environment, strategic location providing access to major national and international markets, and the ongoing trend of nearshoring are set to drive Mexico’s FDI growth further, making it a compelling choice for investors worldwide. 

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