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Monterrey Thrives: Forza & Sunon Investments

Last week, the state saw a significant influx of foreign investment as two foreign companies made noteworthy moves into the region: Forza Transportation Services and Sunon Furniture.


Ivan Rivas and CEO Roberto Pérez of Forza Transportation Services at Monterrey logistics center inauguration


On one front, the American company Forza Transportation Services inaugurated a logistics center in Monterrey. This center, boasting a staggering investment of US$600 million, is set to bolster shipping operations to the United States, promising to generate around 1,000 new jobs locally. Ivan Rivas, Nuevo Leon’s Secretary of Economy, took to social media to share the excitement surrounding this development, hailing the collaboration between the state and Forza Transportation Services. Such ventures are pivotal in propelling Monterrey’s economic growth, evidenced by the notable surge in Foreign Direct Investment in the first quarter of 2024.


Monterrey celebrates Sunon Furniture Mexico ribbon-cutting event


Meanwhile, Chinese giant Sunon Furniture formally opened the doors to its state-of-the-art office furniture manufacturing plant in the Hofusan Industrial Park. With a hefty investment of US$70 million, this marks Sunon’s maiden foray into manufacturing outside of China, signaling a pivotal milestone in its global expansion strategy. The plant’s launch is expected to breathe life into the local job market, with projections indicating the creation of approximately 4,000 new positions. Sunon, a stalwart in the modular office furniture sector since its inception in 1991, boasts a clientele spanning 182 Fortune Global 500 companies and a presence in 128 countries. Ivan Rivas once again lauded the positive ramifications of this investment on Nuevo Leon’s economic landscape, underscoring its role in fostering regional prosperity.


With Forza Transportation Services and Sunon Furniture setting up shop in Monterrey, the region is not just reaping the benefits of job creation and economic stimulation but also demonstrating its stability and support for such ventures.

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