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‘Business Talks China 2023’: Success in Strengthening Monterrey-China Relations

Invest Monterrey marked a historic milestone today with its first-ever ‘Business Talks China 2023’ event. This extraordinary gathering, held on November 1, 2023, aimed at fostering stronger ties between the Chinese business community and the local private sector, proving to be an exceptional platform for enhancing the relationship between Monterrey and China.


The event attracted over 100 distinguished attendees, including prominent figures from both the public and private sectors, high-level decision-makers executives from Chinese companies operating in the region or considering Monterrey for new investment projects, and valued members of Invest Monterrey. The event took place at Deloitte’s Business Center in Monterrey, Mexico.


Notably, the event featured a remarkable lineup of prominent speakers such as Mr. Iván Rivas, Secretary of Economy for the State Government of Nuevo Leon; Mr. Edmundo Montes, Director of International Economic Promotion at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and key executives from successful Chinese companies in Monterrey, including CF Moto, Yanfeng, and the Hofusan Industrial Park. Additionally, distinguished members of Invest Monterrey, such as VYNMSA, Holland & Knight, Greenberg & Traurig, and Banco Base, lent their expertise to the event.







Mr. Iván Rivas, Secretary of Economy for Nuevo Leon, highlighted the rapid growth of investments in the state and the positive experiences shared with established Chinese companies. He emphasized the vital role of the government in facilitating the investment decisions of multinational corporations, reaffirming their unwavering support for these endeavors.



Mr. Mingjun He, Vice President of Yanfeng, enthralled the audience with the success story of the multinational automotive company and their flourishing presence in Mexico. He proudly explained why Monterrey was their chosen destination for a new plant, underscoring the importance of the cultural work relationship between China and Mexico.



During the event, Mr. Evan Zhang, CEO of CF Moto, divulged details about their recent investment in Nuevo Leon, with a primary focus on meeting market demands. He expressed enthusiasm for their two new plants in Vynmsa Apodaca Industrial Park, one dedicated to welding production and another for final assembly, with an impressive annual output of thousands of all-terrain vehicles.



Moreover, Mr. Joe Jiang, Vice President of Hofusan Industrial Park, shared invaluable insights on the best practices and steps for Chinese companies considering investment in Nuevo León. He particularly emphasized the ease with which senior executives can adapt to the local lifestyle and the highly international mindset of the local community.





Following the conclusion of the speakers program, a networking event was organized, allowing participants to forge connections, share knowledge, and explore opportunities for the betterment of the local business community.


The ‘Business Talks China 2023’ has truly set a new benchmark for fostering mutually beneficial collaborations between Monterrey and China, and Invest Monterrey remains committed to nurturing these relationships for the prosperity of all involved.






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