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“Panorama 2024”: Reaffirming Monterrey as the premier destination for business in North America

Invest Monterrey successfully conducted its economic outlook event, “Panorama 2024,” in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, reaffirming the region’s status as the premier destination for investment and business in North America.



The event, organized by Invest Monterrey, the Investment Promotion Agency of Nuevo Leon, brought together distinguished experts from the public, private, and academic sectors. These experts provided an insightful perspective on local, national, and international economic trends for 2024.


Held at the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM, Campus Monterrey), the event attracted over 200 high-profile participants, representing the local business community. The opening remarks by Invest Monterrey’s Board President, Mr. Andrés Ochoa-Bünsow, set the tone for the day, expressing gratitude for attendees and recognizing the significance of the panelists.


Key participants included Mr. Iván Rivas, Secretary of Economy of the Government of Nuevo León; Ms. Betsabé Rocha Nieto, Secretary of Economic Development of the Government of Monterrey; Mr. Carlos Salazar Lomelín, President of the Consular Corps of Monterrey and Former CEO of FEMSA; Mr. Juan Pablo Murra, Rector of Professional and Postgraduate Studies at Tecnológico de Monterrey, and the event’s keynote speaker, Dr. Christopher Thornberg, CEO of Beacon Economics.



The “Panorama 2024” event featured a triple-helix panel where speakers from the public, private, and academic sectors shared their perspectives on the most relevant socio-economic topics for 2024. Secretary Rivas emphasized Nuevo León’s privileged position as a central hub for business in North America, particularly noting the region’s recent prominence in electromobility in Mexico. He stated, “Nuevo León is a magnet for foreign investment projects in Mexico and will continue to be so, thanks to its competitive strengths. The society collectively strengthens the ecosystem, and we will continue working to attract robust investments that drive economic growth and enhance the quality of life for all residents of Nuevo León.”


Secretary Rocha highlighted the importance of promoting the Monterrey metropolitan area beyond its contributions to the manufacturing industry. While manufacturing has played a crucial role in the region’s positioning, she emphasized the need to explore new opportunities and strategies to establish Nuevo León as a hub for projects involving advanced technology transfer and knowledge.


Mr. Salazar provided the audience with a global economic perspective, addressing its impact not only on Nuevo León’s business ecosystem but also on Mexico as a whole. He discussed the challenges and opportunities facing the national business community and outlined strategies for sustainable economic growth in the coming years.


Rector Juan Pablo Murra, representing one of the state’s leading educational institutions, discussed the current challenges faced by educational institutions in meeting the demand for highly skilled human capital for the “jobs of the future.” He also highlighted academic sector strategies to stay ahead and emphasized the pivotal role educational institutions play in society.


The event concluded with a keynote address by Dr. Christopher Thornberg, an acclaimed American economist known for his compelling analysis of key economic events. Dr. Thornberg urged the audience to question social and political narratives from an economic perspective, offering a comprehensive economic and political outlook for the United States and its impact on Mexico in 2024.



“Panorama 2024” undoubtedly stood out as a benchmark socio-economic event, providing viewers with a rich overview of what to expect in the coming year. Invest Monterrey reaffirms its commitment to creating spaces for dialogue and collaboration, ensuring that all societal stakeholders can contribute to making Nuevo León the best place for investment and business in North America.



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