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Sumitomo has grand opening for its new facility in Monterrey

Companies from the land of the rising sun keep investing in Monterrey.


Japanese leading manufacturer of gear motors, industrial gearboxes, and speed reducers Sumitomo held a grand opening ceremony for its new production facility in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


The event was led by executives from Sumitomo alongside government officials such as Iván Rivas, Minister of Economy of Nuevo Leon, and Francisco Treviño, Mayor of the municipality of Juarez.


The company invested $12 million US dollars on a new 15,000 m2 facility located at GP Desarrollos’ Pocket Park Oriente, basically doubling their past production capacity.


“This new factory will play an important role in the global supply chain for gear motors, which are the backbone of our company’s power transmission and control business worldwide,” said Tatsuro Araki, Senior Vice President of Sumitomo Heavy Industries.


On the other hand, the Secretary of Economy, Iván Rivas, commented: “Japan is the second country that has invested the most in Nuevo Leon this year. That is why we are proud that companies like Sumitomo Drive Technologies see this state as an ally to grow their operations while generating quality jobs”.


During the groundbreaking ceremony back in May 2021, Jim Salomon, CEO of Sumitomo Machinery of America, mentioned that “we are very pleased with this step taken by the company in Mexico, as this new facility is strategic for Sumitomo’s growth plans, as well as a sign of the commitment we have with investments in the country.”


Some of the applications of Sumitomo’s products are conveyor belts, ball mills, dosing equipment, bucket elevators, mixers, drying drums, robotics, extruders, and coolers, among others.


Monterrey has a growing list of more than 55 Japanese companies successfully operating, like Denso, Panasonic, Tokai Rika, Nidec, and Toto.

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