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Monterrey leads ranking of most global Mexican companies

In the last five years, the sales of the top 100 Mexican companies with operations outside the country increased their dependence on foreign sales from 36% to 42%, on average. Some companies stand out, such as Vitro -whose sales abroad went from 32.1% to 71.2%-; Mabe -which went from 41.3% to 75%-; Grupo Industrial Saltillo (from 47.9% to 75.4%); Alpek (from 37% to 60.1%); and Arca Continental (from 40% to 60.5%), according to the companies’ own financial reports.


Also noteworthy is the case of some Mexican companies whose sales currently depend more than 70% from abroad. Among them are: Vista Oil & Gas (98.5%), Accel (88.3%), Orbia (81.1%), Cemex (78.7%), América Móvil (76.4%), Jose Cuervo (75.6%), Grupo Industrial Saltillo (75.4%), Mabe (75%), Cementos de Chihuahua (73%) and Gruma (72.8%).


These companies have generally distinguished themselves by pursuing a policy of growth abroad through mergers and acquisitions, leaving the organic expansion of their operations in second place. This has allowed them to rapidly increase their business volume and market share in foreign markets by leveraging the resources already generated by other companies, mainly competitors.


Nine (9) of the top-fifteen (15) most globalized Mexican companies are from Monterrey, according to the latest Grupo Expansion’s report. Alfa, Cemex, Femsa, Arca Continental, Vitro and Softtek are amongst the Monterrey-based companies that have excelled globally. 


CEMEX sales outside Mexico represent 79% of their total revenue. Alfa operates in 30 countries. Femsa has 76,252 employees abroad. Vitro’s international sales went from 32% to 71% in the last 5 years.



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