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Invest Monterrey wraps up a successful business mission to Japan

Invest Monterrey led a business mission to Japan, having a week full of opportunities to showcase why Monterrey is the best place to do business in North America.


The delegation was headed by Hector Tijerina, Executive Director of Invest Monterrey, alongside representatives from the private sector and members of Invest Monterrey: Hiroshi Hasegawa (SUNTAK), Miguel Cavazos (Citius AG), Sofia Flores (TERRA REGIA), Aaron Vera (Finsa), Rogelio Soto (Prodensa), Daniela Pineda (Banco Base), Paulina Gonzalez (American Industries), David Ken Fujii (Fegamo & Vasaf), and Gregorio Canales (DIMSA).


Investment Promotion Seminar in Tokyo, Japan.


Kicking off the main activities of the business mission in Japan, the delegation successfully organized the investment promotion seminar “Doing Business in Mexico: Monterrey | Nuevo Leon” in Tokyo.


The event was headed by Melba Pría, Mexican Ambassador to Japan, and Atsushi Takata, Senior Director of Global Strategy of JETRO.




More than 80 attendees representing Japanese companies from different industries had the opportunity to hear information from experts in fields like real estate, finance, and human resources, tailored specifically towards the interests of the Japanese companies interested in doing business in Mexico.




After the seminar, the Monterrey delegation held a networking event with all of Japanese companies to discuss in more detail about their potential investment projects.


Japan Automotive World / Factory Innovation / NEPCON / Smart Logistics / Wearable Exhibition


Invest Monterrey set up a special booth to promote Monterrey at some Asia’s most important trade fairs that took place in Japan for three days, at the same convention center: Automotive World/Factory Innovation Week/NEPCON/Smart Logistics/Wearables events in Japan.



This are Japan’s biggest exhibitions, with the highest number of participants, attracting a high share of international participants from countries like South Korea, China, and Taiwan.


“The exhibitions offered an ideal environment to meet companies from all around Asia in industries that have become highly important for Monterrey as E-Mobility, Semiconductors, and Electronics.”, mentioned Hector Tijerina.



During the event, Héctor Tijerina, the Executive Director of Invest Monterrey, had the opportunity to participate in a business seminar for Japanese automotive companies, showcasing Monterrey’s strengths as one of the most attractive destination for doing business in North America.




Monterrey has the strongest automotive industry in Mexico, with more than 280 companies, including 5 OEMs and some of the most globally-renowned Tier 1s, employing over 100,000 people. In the past 2 years, Monterrey quickly positioned itself as the favorite destination for E-Mobility technology manufacturers.


Meetings with companies and strategic partners



During the Business Mission, the delegation met with executives from Nidec Motor Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of high-efficiency electric motors, where they discussed about the company’s future plans for the region of North America.

Nidec is one of the largest Japanese companies in Mexico, successfully operating six industrial facilities in Monterrey, with over 5,000 employees.




Additionally, they met with Atsushi Takata, Senior Director for Global Strategy of JETRO, the Japan External Trade Organization. As a result of the meeting, Invest Monterrey will be partnering with JETRO to help Japanese companies currently considering establishing operations in Mexico.




The delegation had the honor of meeting Melba Pria, Mexican Ambassador to Japan.

During the meeting, they highlighted the main competitive advantages of Monterrey, as well as discussed potential cooperation projects to strengthen business relations that will benefit the economic development of Monterrey and Mexico.



Japan as a key investor in Monterrey:


Monterrey is one of the leading recipients of Japanese Investment in Mexico.


Since 1999, Monterrey has attracted $2.14 Billion USD of Japanese Investment, representing 7.12% of all the Japanese Investment registered in Mexico.


2021 was a record-breaking year for Japanese Investment in Monterrey with $255 Million USD. (Yearly average since 1999: $88.6 Million USD).


In 2022 (1Q – 3Q), Monterrey attracted $110.2 million USD in Japanese FDI, accounting for 14.8% of all Japanese investment in Mexico during that period.


Since Denso established operations in Monterrey almost 30 years ago, numerous Japanese companies have followed. Today, more than 60 Japanese companies operate successfully in Monterrey like Denso, Tokai Rika, Panasonic, Nidec, Hamaden, and Toto.



One of the most important investment announcements in recent years in Monterrey was made by Kawasaki, who will soon start operations to produce power sports vehicles.

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